Yoga Foundation: All Levels

If you’re brand new to yoga or looking to reconnect with the foundation of the practice this is the place to start. Our Foundation classes apply a somatic movement approach to teach students to practice with attention and intention. We focus on the alignment principles and purpose of the poses, movement understanding, breath awareness as well as the philosophy to create a fluid, balanced practice. Come prepared to learn how to move your body skillfully and safely on the mat and off of the mat. You’ll gain an understanding of how the breath/postures move the energy flow to create space, fluidity  and peace in the body.

Cardio Barre Fusion Level 2

Fun, high intensity class that fuses barre work,on and off of the barre,cardio drills, plyometrics, strength, agility work and more to create a total body toning and conditioning class. This challenging workout creates balance, strength and flexibility.  What’s amazing about this class is that even though the work is hard, you get stronger and move more efficiently as the class continues.

Flow Level 1-2

This class is designed to safely transition students from level 1 to level 2, or for the student that wants an all around balanced level 1-2 practice. Learning to flow from one pose to the next with the breath builds strength, endurance, flexibility, discipline and balance. Modifications and alignment will be given to enhance awareness and concentration.

Power Flow All Levels

This challenging flow practice is designed to build the bond between the breath, the body and movement. You’ll flow continuously through standing/balancing poses with awareness, building strength, endurance, mobility and confidence.  Modifications will be given throughout.

Power Flow: Level 2

This challenging athletic flow practice is designed for the intermediate/advanced student. It weaves the alignment/philosophy of asana practice with core strength work required for an advancing asana practice. You’ll flow through powerful sequences of standing poses building heat and strength with arm balances and safe appropriate inversions. Modifications will be given to Level 1-2 students transitioning to Level 2. Please note that this class is not for a beginner.

Satya Vinyasa Flow: Level 2

This popular signature class, developed and taught by the owner, Katerina Gavin, weaves her 30 years of teaching yoga/movement into an uplifting powerful class. Her unique, strong, full body integrated flows, connect the students with their body and the inherent strength and grace that lies within. She teaches how to effortlessly find mobility/strength in advanced standing, arm balance and inversion postures. Come to the class with an open mind and ready to focus and work.

Power Movement Level 2-3

This class is powerful and tons of fun!! It combines yoga, calisthenics, functional/primary movement and animal locomotion to build incredible agility, mobility and strength. It profoundly improves your yoga practice, athletic performance and most importantly, healthy mobility in daily life! The goal is to gain a greater understanding of movement and strength that comes with ease not force, through awareness and focus.  It teaches the student to how to become an all efficient, proficient mover with strength, mobility and agility.

*Roll & Renew Level 1-2 & 2

This class is a must for those with chronic tension, athlete in training or looking to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. We use specific body rolling balls designed to release fascia, muscle tension, pain relief, trigger points and chronic holding patterns.  Specialized rolling techniques retrain and strengthen the entire core creating a stronger leaner structure.

Vinyasa Wall Flow Level 2

This is an advanced vinyasa flow class designed to work on the more intricate, difficult aspects of the yoga asana practice. We use the specialized yoga wall to build strength and awareness in the core, upper body, hips, and legs for a greater understanding of what is required for arm balances, inversions and the more difficult poses.

Yoga Wall Level 1- 2

These classes utilize our specialized yoga wall to assist, strengthen and lengthen the body.  We use gravity as a training tool which creates greater strength and core awareness. You will have an immediate sense of ease, strength and flexibility in the body.

Yoga Wall Level 3: Aerial Aspects & Inversions

This is an advanced class for students who have taken Wall classes for a minimum of a year. Instructor approval required.